3ES Metrics

Reach 2020-2021

  • 160 Events by 3ES
  • 4900 Event Participants
  • 53 Program Participants
  • 620 New Members

Impact 2020-2021

  • 7100 Event Registrations
  • 130 Media Mentions
  • 110 Promotional Talks
  • 1,225,700 Marketing Reach
  • 55,800 Marketing Engagement

About 3ES


The greater Helsinki region has during the past decade turned into a rapidly growing and vibrant hub for startups and innovation. While the startup and fin-tech sectors are thriving, and universities have well developed entrepreneurship services, a large number of students are still struggling to find their way into the entrepreneurial scene. This is where the significance of large and functional local Entrepreneurship Societies is of the utmost importance, as they are offering students invaluable networking opportunities and sustainable tools for building entrepreneurial careers for themselves.

The three local University of Applied Sciences Entrepreneurship Societies in the capital region are now facing a unique opportunity of joining their forces to create value for their communities, the greater Helsinki area and the 35.000 students studying at Laurea, Haaga-Helia and Metropolia universities of applied science. Seizing the opportunity is fully aligned with the goals of the strategic 3AMK alliance of the three UASs, where inspiring and activating students toward entrepreneurship has been selected as one of the main targets.

Our goal

Through the collaboration of three entrepreneurship societies (LaureaES, Xes Helsinki and METES) in major universities of applied sciences, we want to strengthen the entrepreneurial atmosphere and create a community of able future entrepreneurs in Helsinki and the larger urban area. The 3AMK ES Alliance is expected to deliver three key results:

1) Increase the reach of entrepreneurship societies, measured by the number of students participating in the activities. The current baseline of 1500 participations per year is expected to grow 50-100% annually during the project.

2) Increase the impact of entrepreneurship societies, measured by the change in student’s awareness, attitudes and perceptions of entrepreneurship, development of entrepreneurial competence, but also through student’s involvement in startups and intentionality of starting a business.

3) Increase the number of new business ideas and students entering the inhouse incubators, accelerator services, and entrepreneurship studies of the three universities of applied science, in order to increase the number and quality of new startups. All activities, events and services by the 3AMK ES Alliance are made available to all students of Laurea, Haaga-Helia and Metropolia universities of applied science.

The 3AMK ES Alliance follows lean startup methodologies for identifying and utilizing opportunities for joint entrepreneurship society activities. Through developing and testing activities, such as event concepts and entrepreneurship projects, the 3AMK ES Alliance collaboration aims to discover and establish the most impactful means of working together.